Overseas Management Issues Under COVID-19

In Japan, the border has opened for foreign residents and business purpose visitors which are a departure from the virus settled places. However, the areas are very limited and we still have the quarantine for 14 days. It is easy to imagine how the foreign invested corporations have got the management impact because of the business trips shut down.

Probably most of the organizations have country managers or expats for the area management, and it will not make critical damages of the distance management even the growth have been posed. The critical damages have hit already in many industries and the employees have needed to shift to other way to live.

As of temporary aid, the Japanese government issued special payment for each individual and implement an economic recovery campaign for travel and restaurants. We still need to keep the balances between the economic recovery and pandemic risk but so far control well.

To talk about the corporate managements, it seems the global management talents are shortage to the market. Some of private companies started interim management service within the local organizations and it might be a solution for the international organizations also.

If you have any of issues of the overseas organization management, please leave your comment as your real voice.


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