The condition of female career in Japan

You may know that to solve the gender gap is 5th target at SDGs goals. This is related with diversities and I will introduce the fact data in Japan.

According to SHOKO Research report, the number of the listed companies were 2,316 in 2019, and the female board directors rate was 4.9%. Within the 2,316 companies, 1,336 (57.6%) organizations have no female board members.

In 2020, 2,240 companies were listed on the stock market and the rate of female board directors was 6.0%. 1,152 organizations (51.4%) have zero female board members.
This result is bottom within G7, and also in the bottom three within G20.

Although the Japanese government has a target to increase the rate of female board directors to 10%, it seems quite far away.

I am in the minority position since 2018 and sometimes I get a weird question. “How do you review the management of the company as a female view?” My answer is always the same. “Well, I think there are no differences between men and women how to review the corporation. If the review point was about the gender gap, female employee’s career, service or products targeting female, I would say my “female review””

Sometimes I feel our gender culture mindset might have not changed since 100 years ago. And it makes mind bias of women at work. Fortunately I am the type of person who wants to achieve with full effort and never give up, I could break through the “glass ceilings” when I was very young. Simply, I hope all the effort will be evaluated equally in organizations.

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